Wednesday, March 26, 2008

how tea is to play its role in health care?

In the medical functions of tea health awareness "Tea for diseases of medicine", which is the Tang Dynasty medicine for the possession of Jurists Chen tea-spoke highly of the role of health care, then how tea is to play its role in health care? In the tea bitter medicine , Gan, sexual cooler and heart ﹑liver spleen ﹑lung ﹑renal Five Classics. Can suffer diarrhea ﹑ Zaoshi ﹑ Jiangni willing to replenishing relaxation, cooler can Qingre ﹑ Xiehuo ﹑ detoxification. Li Shizhen in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" says: "Tea of frivolous, picking when Bud Nie early Meng is in the spring or the gas. Bitter taste although the gas is thin, in the yin-yang is, or can be drop. "these characteristics that can attack with the tea can fill all five internal organs ﹑ can play a more comprehensive role in the ability of various diseases Therefore, it can play a role in prevention.

Tea has the following main features:

1. Thirst role.
This is the most basic function of tea, this is the first functional role, it has become a favorite by the general natural beverages. "Herbal Supplements" has made statements: "Zheng Jie of the disease, you have to expect tea."

2. Refresh role.
Smell their slim, easy to reach, the bosses of the heat being dissipated, it can be used for the leader of Hunhua.

3. Heating role.
Because of the cold, cold plunge heat can be, it can be used for heating, such as irritability ﹑ heat disease.

4. Visual role.
Their gas and lightweight, can be reached through the liver by the head of Jan its thermal barrier head of the evil, and it could be head disease treatment.

5. Diuretic effect.
Because of their bitter taste, the gas can downlink bladder to help gasification water line, and it could be inappropriate.

6. Heat role.
Divergence of their gas frivolous, vent heat evil, but also since the beginning of the water bladder, in addition to Shushi, they can be used Jieshu.

7. Detoxification.
Tea major role in the detoxification of water through the role Lee completed, Lee watery diarrhoea drugs, and the cult poison in dilute concentrations. In addition, their light-ching of the gas, can also Yang San cult poison. This feature is in the taste Baicao Shennong was first discovered when.

8. Anti-sleep role.
Because of cooler-Qin Shuang God, taste and GAN, it could revive the spirit of active to replenishing God-lasting without Yushui, it is this power.

9. Xiaoshi plot to fatty role.
Because of the elegant, and, by the decline of cereal Qi to the movements, and promoting the Stomach Qi Wan, it could be Xiaoshi plot to fatty.

10. Sobering-up role.
Excessive drinking wine in the wet plot, and Yu of heat, hot and humid and fried, on the Mongolian-yang, the head of adverse unclear ﹑language. Tea with the drop, by the power and gently scattered its heat, its profits, wet heat to casual, spiritual re-see, since Peter drunk.

11. Longevity.
Tea to longevity, can be viewed from two aspects to understand:
(a) Since the attack tea can be completed, both attacking evil, but also to supplement their true, in its gas Wuzangliufu adaptation of the movements, organic body of the function to adjust to a coordinated, it can people good health and longevity .
(b) tea drinking as a way of self-cultivation, people in the tea to the process of emotional conditioning, Jardine cheerful temperament, Ganqi smooth, and of blood, it can not bad people live.
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